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About Us

Our Shop

We are a small Veteran owned and run shop. We install top of the line audio equipment and accessories that makes your bike a reflection of your personalty. We love motorcycles as much as you do and treat you as we would like to be treated, like you are the ONLY customer. Our shop is simply passionate about motorcycles and look to do good for our community. We are also advocates for motorcycle safety awareness!

Why We Ride

We ride for the enjoyment of the feeling of freedom and the relaxation. We enjoy the camaraderie of fellow riders whether its the hardcore die hard or the weekend family rider.  Exploring and discovering different parts of this great country and meeting the most amazing people. Its not the destination, Its the journey.

Ride Or Die

Ultimately, it's all about being on the open road with the finest machine ever created. We are an eclectic, positive shop who are always looking for more friends to add. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Authorized Dealer/Installer


JNR Designed Ride Height Repeater

Check out this great video


Another Great Product

KST Vanguard

Check out this new handlebar design!

SOUNDZ retrofit video

THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO! This is John Maxwells' video showing that SOUNDZ is the pioneer of retro fitting a 2019 GTS radio into an earlier model. Contact us for a demo on the SOUNDZ system.